Dear Friends,

In 2022, the Indy District sought to equip our churches to bless their local communities with a $4,000 grant. While only 19 of our churches responded, we have been blessed with the stories coming out of this endeavor.

It’s 2024, and we are at it again. On January 17, our DAB voted the WITH initiative into existence. This time we are seeking to send more than 700 Indy Nazarenes into our communities with a specific plan to bless 22 counties in very intentional and specific ways.

In the process, we intend to release more than $450,000 in grant and matching grant funds. It is our intention to partner with our communities to express the love of God in a way that cannot be ignored.

Here Is Our Pathway:

Each church is invited to register 3 people (including pastor) to our first WITH Team meeting on February 17th at 9:00 a.m. at Greenfield First Church of the Nazarene. CLICK HERE to Register.

Before the February 17th meeting, each attendee will be asked to go to our newly formed WITH Team webpage to gather information, receive some short video training, and prepare for the journey.

At the launch meeting on February 17th, and culminating at a follow up meeting on March 9th, there will be training around 2 areas.

First, the 3 Commitments of blessing we are asking you to make. These include:

DAILY – Quiet time with Jesus, immersing ourselves in Christ and listening for the Spirit’s direction.

WEEKLY – Blessing 3 people each week through acts of kindness and words of encouragement.

MULTIPLICATION – Each team member will be asked to encourage 3 people to join them on the pathway.

Secondly, you will receive assistance as you put a plan together to bless your community with a $2,500 initial grant from the district in the Spring and explore the potential of a second district grant of $2,500 in the fall which will be a matching grant.

You will leave the March 9th meeting with a check for $2,500, and a plan to partner with and bless your community. In addition, you will also leave with ideas on how to access the additional $2,500 for the Fall grant, and information on how to access an additional denominational grant we haven’t even announced yet!

I know, it’s crazy and a little confusing, but come and consider an unreasonable pathway of blessing! Register now!



February 17, 2024


Greenfield First Church of the Nazarene




Just as pathways are important to our district strategically, so pathways are critical to missionally blessing our communities. It is a journey involving all kinds of critical milestones along the way. (Prayer, Equipping, Participation, Unity, Listening, Engaging, Learning, and probably more!)



We are not seeking to reinvent the wheel, but instead come alongside organizations in our community that are doing good work. A partnership is a relationship, not a one-time encounter.


Mark Your Calendars for February 17 & March 9

GRANT (Part 1)

The financial grant will be in 2 parts. The first part is a $2,500 grant from the District which will be distributed as part of the initial meetings. 

GRANT (Part 2)

Stay tuned for more information about how the District will Match the WITH funds raised in your local church, up to a maximum of $2,500!

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