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Clergy Appreciation Logo (2)October is Pastor Appreciation Month


- Recognize the full worth of

- Be grateful for (something)

I asked Jadon, the 12-year-old son of a colleague, what he thought I should say to pastors about Clergy Appreciation Month, understanding that this annual time of celebration is typically about congregations honoring their pastors. His answer cut deeply. He said, “Tell them to appreciate themselves.” Stop and think about that. Do you recognize and appreciate how much God loves you for who you are? Do you know He admires and finds blessings in all you do in your service to Him? In light of that, do you appreciate yourself? I know there is a tenuous line between acknowledging your worth to God and your congregation and finding yourself full of pride. But you have to respect yourself and your calling. You have to remember the confidence God has placed in you. Enjoy this month. Enjoy the times of celebration. Find renewal and refreshing in the joy of your people. Then hit the pavement running with new energy and excitement.  ~H.B. London